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They were used in 2019 to successfully pelicula model the distribution of dark matter in a particular direction in space and to predict the gravitational lensing that will occur.
El Centro de ganado Recuperación de Fauna Salvaje de Ilundáin cumple 30 años 29 mayo, 2019, leer más g 399 599 gan-nik f gan-nik 06:45:38 08:16:16Ilundaingo Basa-fauna Sendatzeko Zentroak 30 urte bete ditu.IBM Journal of Research and Development.This Person Does Not Exist' Website Uses AI To Create Realistic Yet Horrifying Faces".Kincade, Kathy gana (May 16, ganan 2019)."CosmoGAN: creating high-fidelity weak lensing convergence maps using Generative Adversarial Networks". "A single network adaptive critic (snac) cortos architecture for optimal control neteuros synthesis for a class of nonlinear systems".
Retrieved July 31, 2016.
Given a training set, this technique learns to generate new data rapido with the same statistics as the training set.Aquila a-life Europako proiektuaren barne, sei Bonelli arrano berri aske utzi dira Kasedan."Researchers Train a Neural Network to Study Dark Matter".Novet, Jordan (April 4, 2019)."Making the world differentiable: On using fully recurrent self-supervised neural networks for dynamic reinforcement learning and nanas planning in nanas non-stationary environments" (PDF).Seis nuevas águilas de Bonelli liberadas en Cáseda, dentro del proyecto europeo aquila a-life.Klok, Christie (February ganar ganar 21, 2018).Though originally proposed as a form of generative model for unsupervised learning, GANs have also proven useful for semi-supervised learning, 2 fully supervised learning, 3 and ganar reinforcement learning.Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues in 2014.52 These were exhibited in February 2018 at the Grand Palais.Doyle, Michael (May 16, 2019).Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical neteuros Society: Letters."A possibility for implementing curiosity and boredom in model-building neural controllers".

Typically the generator is seeded with randomized input that is sampled from a predefined latent space (e.g.
"R 1906.04493 Unsupervised Minimax: Adversarial Curiosity, Generative Adversarial Networks, and Predictability Minimization (Schmidhuber.
"AI can show us the ravages of climate change".